Legions & Legends Title

The Legend of Arcanas

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Welcome Back, Commander

A New Sci-fi / Fantasy Action RPG from the Creators of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Conquer Legions

Ascend to victory against fallen gods and their hordes in real-time combat and make your mark in a world where magic and technology collide.

Command Legends

Collect powerful legends, epic war machines and massive monstrosities, each with unique stories and devastating abilities to master in combat.

Discover Your Destiny

Cross mysterious worlds to unlock the deadly secrets of the Corvus Galaxy, an uncharted realm plagued by the wars of ancient gods.


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Explore our development process! Please note some concepts may not be in the final game.

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Interact with others on the server through games and Explore to Earn quests that unlock prizes and the latest game developments.

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Azra Games believes that the childhood experience of owning, battling and storytelling with everything in your toybox is the most immersive form of gaming. We are dedicated to recapturing that freedom for the modern era.

Founded by veteran game designer Mark Otero, best known for Electronic Arts’ top grossing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, and respected entrepreneurs Sonny Mayugba (COO) and Travis Boudreaux (CTO), Azra Games is backed by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), NFX, and a syndicate of luminary figures in web3 and gaming.

Mark is joined by a seasoned development team that has worked together on blockbuster titles. Credits include Star Wars, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Battlefield and more. Legions & Legends is the flagship title of Azra Games' rapidly expanding universe.

We are on a mission to evolve the RPG genre to new heights. Visit azragames.com to learn more about the team.